100% of all donations* go directly to organizations on the ground working to provide security to Rohingya refugees.

We believe in 100% transparency and will post an accounting of all donations on this page within one month.
All donations from within the United States are tax deductible.
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"An unprecedented combination of resources and technology means that we have the tools, the knowledge and the resources to make measurable progress towards the achievement of human security."

- United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security

Organizations on the Ground

The complexity of the issue makes it difficult for us to post the names of the organizations (and individuals) that are working on the ground to provide support for the Rohingya. Often these organizations are blacklisted for their efforts; in some cases they are investigated for being a part of the human trafficking networks they are trying to outsmart:
The organizations that are involved in taking care of Rohingyas in Thailand, we are investigating how they are related to the operation, because people involved in human trafficking include Rohingyas. - Prime Minister of Thailand
A full accounting of allocation of funds will only be sent to those who contribute to the effort. Thanks for understanding.